In case you find a spelling or grammar or style error - go ahead and please correct it

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Someone wrote to me:

Your English is much better than my German... but your English is still imperfect.

My answer to this:

I know this very well and I am really a bit shy publishing in english.

I started with a german only website but finally decided, that the english-speaking publics are much more.

Then I pondered, who could translate my articles into english. But this ended in a full stop. So I decided to write as good as I can and hope, that it will communicate.

She offered:

I'm a professional editor. May I assist by editing your text so that it is grammatically and stylistically correct? (For example, on the page you linked to, it's "pity" not "pitty." <smile>)

This is the advantage of a wiki: everyone is allowed to edit there, as long as he has good intentions.

So please go ahead and correct all my errors on all my english websites. You don't have to ask, just click the edit button correct it and save again.

Even better, if you first create a user-account and edit only after you logged in. Because then I can see, that the corrections are made by you and I trust you, so I don't have to check all these corrections and just acknowledge them.

If you don't login I will get all changes of my sites presented automatically by the wiki and I have to look and decide, whether I like this change or not. So this would be some work.

So better you create once an account with the button "Log in / create account" at the top to the right.

If you put in an email there, this would only be visible to me. So I could get in comm with you on the changes.

And then you will get an email from the system and you confirm your new account and then you can login.

Editing is very easy. Just click the edit button either at the top of page for editing the whole page, or at the top of every single paragraph just for editing this paragraph. As you like it.

And you can preview your work and decide, whether this is good or not.

Don't forget to save your work before you leave the page.

I am very thankful for every correction of my spellings or grammar.