Price Raises of the Bridge

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Developement of the Prices of the OT-Levels between 1974 and 1996

author: R. A. Crawford]

Upper Bridge prices 1974 and 1996.


Date: 1996/10/24

I got out some old Advance! Mags looking for silly wins, and was astonished to see the change in prices. Yes, the bridge has been reorganized, probably more than once, but my point is that old 10% per month increase game really has boosted the prices. If my wages had only done as well....

(1974 data: Advance #14 page 9.

1996 data:

(thanks Marina)).

			  1974		 	 1996
Solo Course Part 1    	$775.00			$3,200
Clearing Course		$800.00			$2,800
*OT Preparations         n/a	                $6,600
*Solo Course Part 2    	 n/a			$1,900
*OT Eligibility          n/a			$6,600
*OT I         		$ 75.00			$2,000
*OT II                  $500.00		        $3,800
*OT III			$875.00			$6,500

In 1974 Section III Expanded was free to anyone who completed OT VII.
OT IV       		$ 75.00		        $13,000
OT V                 	$875.00		 	$29,600
OT VI setups		$200.00		        $18,500
OT VI        		$875.00			$12,800
Pledge Intensive       	 n/a			$9,250
OT VII               	$ 75.00			$3,500
OT VII C/Sing					$6,400
OT VIII			$500.00			$10,000
OT VIII auditing        			$14,800

Totals: 		$3,200.00	       $140,950.00
(before any discounts)

Can you say r-a-p-a-c-i-o-u-s? RAPACIOUS. Get it? Good.

Rick Crawford

Attention: Don't think, that the current or 1996 Bridge is the same than the 1974 Bridge: it is not: Instead of the real OT Levels IV to VII with positiv OT-gains today there is only some NOTS by David Mayo called NEW OT IV to VII, with just negativ gain and pre-OT stuff. The real OT Levels IV to VII are lost in the church and usually also in the freezone. See for more info on this: OT-Levels 4 to 7 were replaced

Remark by Andreas Gross