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Here I found another document, that shows, how crazy he is: [[Buttler claims to be LRH and cancels the Tech, Bridge and Auditing]]
* Here I found another document, that shows, how crazy he is: [[Buttler claims to be LRH and cancels the Tech, Bridge and Auditing]]
* This article is from a friend of mine. He invested more time than me to prove, why Spiritology is Anti-Scientology: [[Report on Caspar de Rijk's FZ Convention 2008, Andreas Buttler and Spiritologie]]

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There are people believing, that the Spiritologie of Andreas Buttler is a brand of Scientology, just because Buttler uses some processes of LRH in altered form.

Actually Buttler intents to invalidate and destroy Scientology, LRH and the Bridge.

This shows the following article by Buttler, who by the way claims to be L. Ron Hubbard himself.

Andreas Groß


LRH Missed Withhold Write Up / HCOB 14 Nov 04

Not that anyone here still thinks that I would not take responsibility for the shit, these guys sell as Scientology.

No, I carry the full responsibility, as I was FULLY aware of giving this tech into the hands of SUPPRESSIVES, so they would slobber over it because they are obsessed with power and control and would catch the bait I am putting out for them!

The only thing they overlooked in their a-social attempts to use the tech against all mankind and even against their founder is that they have to have wins themselves in order to continue to pretend that they have good intentions!

That is why they came up the Bridge so slowly some 20 and 30 years to Clear! Man, that just takes a Spiritologie Intro session!!! When one is somewhat clean!

Someone comes along and says he is the being LRH and of course this is quite real to any WOG I am talking to, but the SCIENTOLOGISTS CUT THE COMM. LINE, when I offer to be put on the meter and answer all questions!!!! And they criticize, natter around as they know that now it is over with their game of hiding!

The LRH REFERENCE FOR THAT! 2 1/2 percent of the world population is suppressive! Now the quiz!!! How big is the percentage of scientologists, if one takes all people worldwide who support the church actively or passively????

Well, well??? YES 2 1/2 Percent!!!

And they are now at a level where they can ALMOST agree with the tech and doctrine. Only, that the founder really is a spiritual being and is of course still there and of course has also an additional different body... NO, that is NOT real to them! Or better, they have to NOT-IS that as otherwise the whole shit flies into their faces'; which Is now happening anyway!

And you know what, Spirits? I am glad to have publicly communicated THIS withhold for the first time!!

The only reason for the Church of SCN was to HANDLE those characters, who were Xenu's helpers and all were on this planet and of course by that fact dramatised these incidents and implants the MOST and were against this fact at some time seeing the light!

I am happy to announce to you that this bridge from OT 1- 7 has become completely unnecesary as the suppressives themselves have over many years audited the levels that of course were MOST REAL to THEM, as they were the ones who caused the charge on those!

Actually they only did it to be able to control all the others who have no SCN-Tech, but they anyway got themselves so far up, that they now COULD actually become scientologists!

The only thing now is, they still have to CONFRONT THIS communication and I hope that you Spirits will help me in this, by sending this mail to any of whom you think they could use it, to BLOW in one fell swoop all their charges and questions, they had about scientologists or the Church of SCN, as that was the exact WHY for the craziness in there and the reason why social beings realiy had a hard time to even make a single step upwards and most quickly got out! Which WAS RIGHT!!

I am sorry to only be able to tell you this now, but if I would have done so before this move in the game wouldn't have worked!

I hope and know you can follow me now in that I have had this ,,small" W/H for so long time, which in recent days every now and then seemed pretty ,,gross" to me! ;-)


Andreas Buttlar