The Original 3 Ls - L-Rundowns - as they have been delivered on the Apollo in 1971 by L. Ron Hubbard: L10, L11 and L12

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Flag claims the Ls as her monopoly

But Ls are also available outside the Church

The Materials of the Ls have been carried off the Flag ship Apollo, in the early 70s by a Class XII auditor and by this copies of the originals are available to a handfull of auditors outside the Church of Scientology.

The Ls were altered by RTRC in the church after LRH went into hiding and was not in comm with his Scientologists anymore: RTC calls them the "Expanded Ls", they where changed by Mayo in 1978.

But we have the pure LRH Ls in the way they were delivered in the beginning of the 1970ies.

They handle major parts of the Case that is not handle any where else on the bridge.

These are actually OT levels tech. that was taken from OT 8, to increase Beingness, Doingness, & Havingness. Your personal life will take a quantum leap to a better world for you.

L 10 Doingness

This is a Series of processes directed at doingness. Over 20 rundowns. A few include:

  • The Lie Rundown
  • The 2D Rundown
  • The 3D Rundown
  • The Enemy Rundown
  • The Greatest Overt/Motivator Rundown

L 11 Havingness

A series of processes directed at Havingness, by handling ridges & masses around the person.

L 12 Beingness

A series of processes directed at Beingness, & exteriorzing the person.

The Auditor of the original Ls

Our L-Auditor was a former Review Auditor in the AOLA: The Advanced Org in Los Angeles. He left the church in the 1980ies. He is the only auditor outside the Church, who delivers the Ls in the original way without the changes by David Mayo (alter-is approved by RTC).

He was trained & did an internship on the 3 L-Rundowns under a trained class XII C/S.

The further rewrite of the L-Rundowns

After Mayo was SP declared to become the opinion leader in the freezone and its top tech terminal, the Ls have been rewritten again, instead of republishing the original materials. This is shown here:


The prices of the L-Rundowns

In Flag you have to pay up to 100.000 USD for the 3 Ls. Outside the church the price is a small fraction of this, as we just have to cover the cost to deliver them. Contact us for price and schedule of the auditor: Email.jpg

Here a price list of Flag with the L-Rundowns (in German). From the Source-Magazine 131 otf the end of 2000: It says there: You need at least 2 Intensives of 12.5 hours per L and the intensive costs 15.125 USD, so 3 Ls for at least 90.750 USD! I know people, who had to pay much more. - Contact us, if you like to get the Ls for a small fraction of this price and in the original way, how they were intended by LRH!