The Original 3 Ls - L-Rundowns - as they have been delivered on the Apollo in 1971 by L. Ron Hubbard: L10, L11 and L12

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Flag claims the Ls as her monopoly

The "L" Rundowns are super-secret. There are claims they are a Flag only rundown. See the title of Flags Source Mag 131:

Flag even claims: "There are no Class XIIs auditing anywhere else in the world." (Quote from PRICE LIST FOR FLAG PROCESSING (AUDITING) - From the Flag Advance Scheduling Registration Pack July 2003) Although 19 of 54 Class XII auditors are SP declared (more than a third!!!) and further 8 left the Church. So 50% of the Class XII would be able to deliver the Ls outside the Church!

But Ls are also available outside the Church

The Materials of the Ls have been carried off the Flag ship Apollo, in the early 70s by a Class XII auditor and by this copies of the originals are available to a handfull of auditors outside the Church of Scientology.

The Ls were altered by RTRC in the church after LRH went into hiding and was not in comm with his Scientologists anymore: RTC calls them the "Expanded Ls", they where changed by Mayo in 1978.

But we have the pure LRH Ls in the way they were delivered in the beginning of the 1970ies.

They handle major parts of the Case that is not handle any where else on the bridge.

These are actually OT levels tech. that was taken from OT 8, to increase Beingness, Doingness, & Havingness. Your personal life will take a quantum leap to a better world for you.

L 10 Doingness

This is a Series of processes directed at doingness. Over 20 actions. A few include:

  • The Lie Rundown
  • The 2D Rundown
  • The 3D Rundown
  • The Enemy Rundown
  • The Greatest Overt/Motivator Rundown

They address the reasons why a thetan restrains himself or doesn't act. L-10 reaches far deeper into the case than the pc is even aware of.

This is done by bypassing the standard mechanism of the mind's protection. The assessing style in L-10 is such that the auditor addresses the pc directly. A normal assessment is done between the auditor and the pc's bank.

L-10 is a thorough rundown: it addresses every dynamic as well as key areas of charge common to most thetans. It also addresses areas specific to the individual pc. On many L-10 steps the EP is not merely an F/N or cognition but a blow. In other words, formerly-charged items or terminals will never come back. It is the most effective Scientology rundown for making a person more at cause and capable of action. The goal of L-10 is: "To address the root cause of what makes the thetan stop acting like an OT and withhold himself, instead of using his full power."

A German success story of a German speaking PC on the L10:

Ich fand heraus, ich bin ein braves Mädchen - keine wirklich bösen Absichten - vielleicht sogar zu gut für diesen Planeten.

Ich werde versuchen in die 3. Dynamik zu investieren, um aus dieser Welt eine bessere zu machen.

Gewissheit hat die Verantwortlichkeit angehoben!

(The Ls have been delivered in english)

L 11 Havingness

A series of processes directed at Havingness, by handling ridges & masses around the person.

L-11 addresses the main area of irrationality that introverts a being or lessens his power. To erase this big aberration can lead to a new life and to a new viewpoint of spiritual/mental sanity and rationality. L-11 can slice through the core of the case and eliminate the fundamental aberration on a case.

L-11 Expanded is an expansion of the gains gotten from L-11 and can result in increased awareness.

A German success story of a German speaking PC on the L11:

Es läuft schließlich darauf hinaus, am Ursachepunkt zu sein.

Alles was meinen Weg hin zur Ursache verbarrikadiert hatte, ist gegangen, wurde befreit. Also kann ich in der Zukunft am Ursachpunkt sein und Verantwortung übernehmen und ich wurde mit der vollen Empfindung belohnt Erfolg haben zu können.

Es war ein Vergnügen, von meinem Auditor auditiert zu werden. Ich habe es sehr genossen!

L 12 Beingness or also called: The Flag OT Executive Rundown

A series of processes directed at Beingness, & exteriorzing the person.

L-12 can cause a tremendously increased stability, certainty and control of beingness. Through a number of specific approaches, all past identities or beingnesses, that may have affected the person, can be blown apart until only the fundamental beingness of the person himself remains. Correctly done, it can result in an individual who will remain extremely stable, even in the face of the worst adversity.

Three steps include: handling why the person is pinned to the body as well as handling old PTS situations including the phenomena of being PTS to self, handling identities, and handling a unique phenomena involving stability and its past, present, and future consequences (this phenomena may be stuck attention beams on self from others).

A German success story of a German speaking PC on the L12:

Meine Umgebung ist ruhig. - Ich bin eine Menge Aufregung losgeworden, die zu Zeiten recht störend gewesen war.

Und das Beste: Ich weiss jetzt, wie ich in meinem Universum die Ruhe bewahren kann.

Dank an meinen Auditor, dass er die LRH-Tech rein hält.

The same PC wrote this success after 4 weeks on the 3 Ls in June 2008

Die Ls haben mir eine vollständig neue Ebene der Gewissheit gegeben.

Während L12 mich erkennen lies, wer ich wirklich bin, hat L11 mir die Erkenntnis gegeben, dass es sich wirklich auszahlt, am Ursachepunkt zu sein und L10 hat mein Universum erleuchtet.

Das Leben nach den Ls fühlt sich wesentlich bequemer an, obwohl ich in der gleichen Zeit wesentlich mehr erledigt bekomme. Insofern können die Erfolge definitiv als ausdauernd bezeichnet werden.

Ich möchte meinen L-Auditor wirklich jedem empfehlen, wegen seiner Aufrechterhaltung und Verbreitung von Rons Absichten.

The Auditor of the original Ls

Our L-Auditor was a former Review Auditor in the AOLA: The Advanced Org in Los Angeles. He left the church in the 1980ies. He is the only auditor outside the Church, who delivers the Ls in the original way without the changes by David Mayo (alter-is approved by RTC).

He was trained & did an internship on the 3 L-Rundowns under a trained class XII C/S.

The further rewrite of the L-Rundowns by RTC

After Mayo was SP declared to become the opinion leader in the freezone and its top tech terminal, the Ls have been rewritten again in 1984, instead of republishing the original materials. This is proven here:


The fake L-Rundowns in the Freezone

In the freezone you can also download a small pack on the Ls. But a Class XII claims, that this is not workable, many PCs had to be corrected after the application of these processes.

The author of this pack wrote in an anonymous mail:

"On your page regarding the "L Rundown" materials you ask for opinions as to if they are authentic. I'd like to clear the mystery for you.

Last year I decided to embark on doing the best possible reconstruction of these materials based on all we knew and refering to original materials where possible. One breakthrough came when realising that many of the 'items' off the L's lists were contained in the original PSYCHOSIS RESEARCH CASE STUDIES which form part of the Expanded Dianetics course. Those items were extracted and then made educated guesses about the gaps. Also had the Class 10 checksheet to use as a road map.

The version which you received and have posted is in our humble opinion, the most accurate and best possible re-construction available at this time.

It is hoped that one day someone will liberate the original issues but until then I hope that what is presented will suffice."

Warren McShame, president of RTC, declares in District Court in Northern District of California (February 21 1997) in case RTC v. Grady Ward that " (the L's published by the Freezone) are not the Scientology documents that comprise the L's, but are someone's unartful attempt to duplicate those documents." His declaration to court is here:

The Class XII Pierre, who left the Church in the 1990ies wrote on these documents:

"It is rumoured that the Ls Materials that were leaked on the Internet and are in use by various FZ auditors today were purposely leaked by the Church with the unavowed intention to "spin the squirrels". Their "release" contained major steps out of sequence, carefully misworded commands meant to cave in the entire case on the recipient and core steps meant to blow Succumb Postulates were carefully omitted.

Whether this is true or not I lack concrete evidence to state with certainty, but having read the versions of the Ls in use by FZ auditors, I can state unequivocably that the version they use is completely consistent with that theory. It certainly aligns with the Church philosophy about applying "FAIR GAME" to those they regard as "Squirrels"."

Note: These are not the materials, we are working on: We don't use these Freezone materials "leaked by intention by RTC", we use the one, which came out the Apollo in the 1970ies! These are the original Ls!

And we don't use the current RTC-version of the Ls, as we go a step further than Pierre: We assume that CIA/RTC also issued an RTC-approved version of the 3 Ls for Flag, to make sure, that Flag only delivers overt-products on the Ls. Or would CIA accept any beings fully exterior with full perception outside of their control (see their remote viewing project with Ingo Swann and others)? - How deadly sure this fake is working was proven by the Lisa Mc Pherson case!

Position of L-10, L-11 and L-12 on the Bridge

Each L Rundown can be done after any of the following processing actions:

  • Expanded Grade IV
  • Dianetic
  • Sunshine Rundown after Clear
  • OT III

The prices of the L-Rundowns

In Flag you have to pay up to 100.000 USD for the 3 Ls. Outside the church the price is a small fraction of this, as we just have to cover the cost to deliver them. Contact us for price and schedule of the auditor: Email.jpg

Here a price list of Flag with the L-Rundowns (in German). From the Source-Magazine 131 otf the end of 2000: It says there: You need at least 2 Intensives of 12.5 hours per L and the intensive costs 15.125 USD, so 3 Ls for at least 90.750 USD! I know people, who had to pay much more. - Contact us, if you like to get the Ls for a small fraction of this price and in the original way, how they were intended by LRH!