Truth revealed: Best Website showing the truth about the take-over of Scientology by the US-government

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Hello Friends,

once upon a time there was a website, which documented the take-over of the church by the US-government:

In August 2008 I checked this website again and got this mysterious error message:


"You don't have permission to access / on this server."

A short review in the internet archive showed, that this website was online upt to end of 2007 and suddenly disappeared:*/

The prior domain is owned by Pair Networks, who hosts the websites of their customers.

And is owned by one of their customers. If this customer would have been deleted, you would get such an error message:

"Address not found - Server could not be found."

Like you would get with i.e.

So I took my backup copy of this Site and created a mirror, which you can find now here:

If you have any data about the original site:

  • who the owner is,
  • what happened to him,
  • why is the site down or such,

please inform me.


Andreas Grosz


All the categories below relate to the recovered website!

P.P.S. After my report about this the website went up again and is available now. I still keep my copy of the site up in case we loose it again. But you should prefer the original: