Actual Down-Stats on the Basics Books and Lecture course

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This is a post [1] 31st May 2008, 12:16 AM

Basics are a smashing success indeed.... + news on Golden Age of Tech II (no kidding) Well, an email came today from Budapest Org and it gave some stats on the Basics "evolution":

1. since the basics were released in August 2007, 301 people has started on at least one Basics course (in Hungary officially we have "tens of thousands of Scientologists"

2. two (!) people have completed the entire Basics Books and Lecture course.

Remember? "these books are so easy to read and study that your public will literally fly through them within weeks" and "the target for all public to complete the entire Basics lineup is June, 2008."

Budapest is the second biggest org in Europe, just behind Milano.

So, DM's newest idea is not working. What a surprise!

Fortunately he has a new bright idea: Golden Age of Tech II! (That's the official name).

He made a new "evaluation" and found a "Why" for org not having the tech complement of 20 auditors and not completing their IG Network Bulletin #29 program: the Academy is too long and contains a lot of unnecessary materials.

I bet he carefully omits the part where he ordered all meter drills to be put at the beginning of all Academy Level checksheets.

So, a new super duper Academy is in the making! I am sure that it will come with brand new materials to purchase and the old ones are to be shredded just like the old books.

The entire Basics and Basic Lectures course will be a prerequisite, just to make sure everyone buys his version of Scientology.

According to my sources, he plans to release it this year, either on Auditor's Day Event, or latest on New Year's, if the usual flaps occur (and I bet they will).

I wonder if he puts the new Academy Levels as a prereq for OT VI & OT VII. One more way to get some money from the OTs!


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