Buttler claims to be LRH and cancels the Tech, Bridge and Auditing

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Friday, Nov 19th, 2004

Dear friends,

They think they are OT, but in fact they are just squirrels

There is some news, and it is important. LRH is back. Not on Church lines.
Is this really real to you?
Are you interested in the New Bridge?
Want to know why OT I - VII are out of date?
The name of the game is:
To be self- and all-determined on all Dynamics.
Including the 8th.
When LRH developed OT III he had reached a limit where he thought it wise to play it safe and place his being into several bodies. Just in case he wouldn't survive in his own body.
In one body he is now 38 years old, German.
The name is Andreas Buttler.
He is a musician, he's an auditor, he is into research, he developed a new Technology.
Much simpler, much more powerful.
He isn't too fond to talk English. He has this consideration that it would be nice if everybody talked German.
With a Tech that simple, languages are not a problem.
It works in Zulu, in Wolof and in Tagalog as well.
What else is there to say about him? He has as-ised the Church. He told them already.
I can give you one hint:
So much auditing has occured that it shows now.
No more Flow-running is necessary.
The overall set-up has changed.
On the whole - now that's a little simplified - there is no ,Case' anymore.
The ones who insist that they have one and ,have to run items' - well, they may do so, but they have to mock them up first.
And in order to run items they first have to mock up the time track too.
Some auditing may occur. Very simple, very fast and powerful.
There is no money involved. The truth is priceless. Now, that's some news!
And one last clue as to the main process:
Remember that good old „Conceive a Static" - process?
Postulate processing, Creative processing, mock-ups, Philadelphia Lectures, Advanced Clinical Course .... That's where it all started....
There is no Copyright on that New Tech, there is no price to pay for The Truth.
There is no hierarchy, no organization, no location.
Remember good old "Standing Order No.l"?
"A11 communication will be received by me...." ?
Well, ladies and gentlemen: This time this happens to be true.
Go to the link below, join this group Andreas has
called "Spiritologie" (with "ie" not an "y" !).
You go to Yahoo, find "Groups" and enter "Spiritologie".
You sign up and talk to him.
You talk to him on the 1st Dynamic or you talk to him on the 7thDynamic.
But talk to him.
Last week he was talking about one important thing :
What's the LRH datum about the number of suppressive persons on Earth?
Answer: 2.5%
And what's the number of all active or passive Church members and their followers?
Right...: 2.5% !
You care for an explanation? Help yourself.... :
When LRH saw that Xenu and his group all happened to be here on this planet - he laid out a bait : TECH.
TECH was the bait and Xenu and his group - hereafter called "The Church of Scientology", swallowed it down! Their greed, their desire for power and suppression made them an easy catch.
They had the consideration to possess now more subtle means to suppress humanity.
To deceive the population they had to fake "wins" and had to use Tech themselves.
Having evil intentions, it worked painstakingly slow - under such circumstances!
That's why it took so many of the members of the Church so long, sometimes 10, sometimes 20 years to go Clear and OT. If they succeeded at all.
And this is the reason why so many of honest, well-meaning people with good intentions, who had joined Staff didn't last long ....
The typical carrier of any well meaning, idealistic staff member ended with a "Declare" !
And of course the Church members ran well on all OT levels, of course they found lots of charge to dramatize and run - after all, they were the ones who had caused all this, who had murdered and implanted... They were the very ones who had put it there in first place!
But now the goal has been reached:
All is well, there is no more charge, Xenu is handled (Andreas did and does).
Enough Theta was set free. And it doesn't matter by whom!
Andreas wants to thank every auditor - because it was the sum of auditing that did the trick.
Even - and above all - Church auditors are thanked!
This is a "Very well done" in capital letters!
Unwillingly they have contributed:
Ron's plan was to handle the aggressor first - not the population.
The aggressor has handled himself!
Now isn't that beautiful!
What is there left to do...?
The Church should acknowledge the truth, truly admit that they had intended to use Scientology Tech against his Founder and against humanity - and that would mean "end cycle" on a long and painful incident.
They should agree to and admit that they were found out about by Ron - from the very beginning - and found out about now by Andreas and us all.
Ron initiated his handling then and Andreas ends it now,
The Church of Scientology as such is not necessary anymore. Andreas Buttler has as-ised it.
With all this evilness and greed gone there is no limit as to what can be reached. Just postulate your goals - and start the action. Andreas is very willing to help with, his new TECH.
Let's close the door on a dark chapter of humanity.
The stage is set - enter Spiritologie (or Spiritology, who cares...)
The ones of you who were really close to him, who have been on the Apollo, who have worked together with the Commodore will want to say hello....
All this, I found out some days ago, I pass this information on to you.
How you handle this info is up to you.
Good luck, I wish you well.

Fritz Moser Communicator