Fake of the ESTO Series lecture 1 shows IRS control of Scientology

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If you compare the RTC-version of the ESTO Series lecture 1, 7203C01 ESTO-01 "Esto's Instant Hat - Part 1" with the 1972 version (a repro by New Era Publications Denmark per the box (1972) but per the announcer from Flag Audio Unit latest date given 1975), you will find three paragraphs missing in the RTC-issue. - Documented at the bottom of this article.

And that is very revealing. Not only, that David Miscavige is lying, when stating, that he made sure, that RTC only published pure LRH without any alterations.

Also what is missing is very revealing:

LRH is talking about his viewpoint on taxes and tax statements and how to handle them and what he thinks about the IRS. This was censored.

By whom? By RTC, which is controlled by CST, which is controlled by Mead Emory, the former assistent of the commissioner of IRS. If IRS is controlling Scientology you can expect such censoring of LRH.

They also changed in a similar way this HCO PL 10 September 1982, Exchange, Org Income and Staff Pay:

"First consider a group which takes in money but does not deliver anything in exchange. This is called rip-off. It is the 'exchange' condition of robbers, tax men, governments and other criminal elements." (the original)

to this RTC-version:

"First consider a group which takes in money but does not deliver anything in exchange. This is called rip-off. It is the 'exchange' condition of robbers, most tax men, many governments and criminal elements." from The Dynamics of Money course workbook

Scientology has to get rid of RTC and CST!


Andreas Grosz

This text can be found in the original Version of 1972, the bold part is missing in the RTC-version:

"...and the outgo is in the charge of the Establishment Officer. An organization that spends more than sixty percent of what it makes has got rocks in its head anyhow, regardless of who gets the other forty, regardless of the tax people, to hell with the tax people. The tax people will do you in anyhow, why worry about it? They've made themselves sufficiently obnoxious and sufficiently bonkers that you just take those steps necessary to obfuscate them.

It doesn't matter whether your tax, you submit honest taxes or dishonest taxes or correct taxes or anything else, they'll suddenly tell you, "Well, all of that that you say was expense is really income because a new rule says that the worth of an organization is its debts plus its assets, so therefore these are really assets, so therefore you owe the organization a hundred and twenty-two thousand dollars, and so on." The Guardian's Office will get very cross with you on its finance lines because it has to do tax things and figure it all out some other way and, and so so forth. But never let the fact that money will be taxed deter you from making a mint. That is not the right why.

If you have enough money and if you've made enough money, the only way Saint Hill has gotten by, you can afford to spend huge sums to protect the huger sums that you have made. The crime is not to have made money. So never fall for the fact that we must not make this money because it will be taxable. No, figure some way where it isn't and go right on making it. An organization has to be valuable enough to compensate management and pay for its management ..."

LRHs ESTO Series lecture 1, 1st March 1972: Esto's Instant Hat - Part 1 (transcript pages 12-13)