Redefinition of Floating Needle - Back in 1977

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Oh, "HCOB" 24 Jan 77, that's really a nice one!

It says right there in Section: "H: F/N TA POSITION"

"The current discovery which just dropped with a clang was that in one interneship, an interne supervisor was using verbal tech which had then spread all over the world to the effect that you MUST NOT call an F/N an F/N unless it were between 2 and 3 on the tone arm dial, and that any F/N type motion which occurred with the TA above 3 or below 2 could not possibly be called an F/N. This was his own craziness and he wished it off with a bunch of verbal tech on an awful lot of auditors and caused an enormous amount of pcs subsequently to be very unhappy."

No, I am very sorry, but neither "this interne supervisor was using verbal tech" nor was what he was teaching "his own craziness" which "he wished it off with a bunch of verbal tech on an awful lot of auditors" and I very much doubt it that he "caused an enormous amount of pcs subsequently to be very unhappy" simply because:

All this interne supervisor was teaching was taken verbatim from earlier HCOBs.

Quoted from the Dn & Scn Tech Dictionary:

"FLOATING NEEDLE, 1. the idle uninfluenced movement of the needle on the dial without any patterns or reactions in it. It can be as small as one inch or as large as dial wide. It does not fall or drop to the right of the dial. It moves to the left at the same speed as it moves to the right. It is observed on a Mark V E-meter calibrated with the TA between 2.0 and 3.0 with GIs in on the pc. It can occur after a cognition, blowdown of the TA or just moves into floating. The pc may or may not voice the cognition. (HCOB 7 May 69 V) 2. floating needles, free needles are the same thing. Once you’ve seen one you’ll never make a mistake on one again. For it floats. It ceases to register on the pc’s bank. It just idly floats about or won’t stand up even at low sensitivity. The TA goes to any place between 2 and 3 and the needle floats. (HCOB 2 Aug 65) Abbr. F/N."

The above is given only as a sample of the "pearls" I have found in this "HCOB" which can fill pages! So whoever had the nerve to make all this up, sign it "LRH" and pass it as an "HCOB" was simply thinking all Auditors are idiots and that's the long and the short of it.

I have no reservations whatsoever to publish whatever I have written above, anywhere.